The female weightlifting barbell was introduced in 1997, to be used in world and continental championships.

Female weightlifting barbells weigh 15kg and are 25mm in diameter.  They have knurling, for grip, on either end but not in the centre.

All weightlifting bars have rotating sleeves, this reduces the rotational inertia of the bar. Using a standard bar not designed with weightlifting can be dangerous and increases the risk of injury.



Bumper plates are rubber coated to allow them to be dropped from hight without causing damage.

Olympic plates conform to international standards of colouring.

10kg – Green

15kg – Yellow

20kg – Blue

25kg – Red


Fractional or iron weight plates are used to add weight in small increments.

The colour of these plates is consistent with the bumper plates.

1kg – Green

1.5kg – Yellow

2kg – Blue

2.5kg – Red

5kg – White

0.5kg - White


Collars are used on either end of the barbell to secure the weight plates. International standard collars weigh 2.5kg each, this weight is included in the total load of the bar.

In training it is common to use collars weighing less than 0.5kg each.

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